Marilyn Macfarlane...
started her career in Charleston, West Virginia. At the early age of 16, she established a thriving riding school at
her own Breezy Knoll Stables. She received a B.A in Education. She was greatly influenced by her own
instruction under Helen Crabtree and Don Reinhart. She took the assistant trainer position at Happy Valley
Farms where Bob Vessel, Lloyd Teater and Sam Brannon trained. In 1973, still in her twenties, she purchased a
beautiful farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky that she named
Walnut Way. As an owner, trainer, instructor and judge,
Marilyn has celebrated many, many championships of both horse and rider.

Marilyn received the prestigious Audrey Pugh Gutridge Award in recognition for achievement measured by
character, talent, courage, determination and style. Her riders would agree that good sportsmanship and an
endearing love of the horse are paramount in Marilyn's philosophy. This leads to the success that many of her
Walnut Way champions have proven and continue to prove...
Whiplash, Copper Locket, Stormy Breeze, Glenview's
Warlock, Coaltown Prince, The Count, Tijuana Starlet, April Hill's Red Gold, Shining Brightly, Braveheart, Heir
Calendar Girl, Prowler's Madness, Fancy Ribbons, Music of the Heir, Heartland's Flurry, She's Fancy Free,
Flamethrower, Bask Warlock, Fire Water, New York Style, Attache's Three Of A Kind, Banter, Broadway Joe,
Jetstream, Wait And Sees Whiz Bang, Admiral's Gifted Miss, Chatterbox and Moonmist  ...with champion riders Janna
Weir, Erin Rudder, Jennifer Hall, Leah Boyd, Angela and Mitzi Graham, Leigh Anne Dagenford, Barbara Irwin, Dana
Perry, Margaret Schmitt, Yasmin and Fatima Wazir to name a few.

Marilyn Macfarlane is a National and International Judge. She has traveled throughout the United States,
England and South Africa judging  National Championships and the World Cup Saddleseat Finals.  She is also a
member of the United Professional Horseman's Association and the United States Equestrian Federation where
she served on the Equitation Committee, Saddlehorse Committee, Hackney Committee and Pleasure Driving
Committee. She has served as the UPHA Chapter Chairman in West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.
Suzanne Human, Instructor...
has been involved with horses for 16 years. She began her career during her high school years as a Student
Instructor at Huntoon Stables in North Aurora, Illinois. She attended William Woods University and graduated
with a Bachelor's Degree specializing in Equestrain Science. Her classes at Williams Woods included Teaching
Techniques, Horse Care & Management, and Veterinary Care. After graduation, she joined the team at Walnut
Way Farm.

Suzanne is responsible not only for the lesson program, but also coordinates the youth and adult camps,
tournaments, birthday parties and the
Walnut Way Wylde Wryders Youth Club! .

For more information regarding lessons, camps, the youth club, or tournaments, please contact Suzanne at
(502) 633-6311. She will be glad to answers any questions you may have or set up a time for you to come and
watch a lesson in progress!
Christy Villa, Assistant Instructor/Business Manager
Christy, the Farm Manager at Walnut Way, was born in West Virginia and moved to Kentucky in 2000. She is
married to Roberto Villa and have 3 year old Marques. Being the niece of Marilyn Macfarlane, she was fortunate
to grow up at Walnut Way. Summers were spent attending horse camps and horse shows.  When she became
older, she spent hers summers as the camp counselor and caretaker of the horses.

When she moved to Kentucky permanently, she took the position of secretary for Walnut Way. She quickly
became much more and now as Business Manager, she oversees all aspects of the day to day workings of the
stables. In addition to her managerial duties, Christy assists with riding lessons, tournaments and camps.
Christy holds a degree in Respiratory Therapy and also holds a part time job in Respiratory. But she loves
being around horses. It is a very important part of her life and she plans to share the same wonderful
experiences with her child!
Marilyn proudly poses with
CH Brewster, Barn Dog
Champion, winner of "Best
Barn Dog" at ASHAV!!

Marilyn Macfarlane driving ...


Coaching Champion

Lexington Jr. League Horse

Lexington, Kentucky
Elizabeth Harris, Trainer...
has been involved with Saddlebreds and Hackney Ponies for over 25 years. Her early years were spent
learning the art of horsemanship with Dena Lopez, Rob Tanner, Michelle Macfarlane and Bill and Chris Field.
She spent her entire junior exhibitor career catch riding and improving her  ringmanship skills. In the early
90's, Elizabeth met Rich Campbell. Together they trained over 20 World Champions and 3 World Grand
Champions with 11 World Championships and 2 World Grand Championships as personal drives.

In July of 2003, Elizabeth began her training career at Walnut Way adding 3 more World Championships to her
belt with Heartland Flurry and Heartland Painted Creation. She is most proud of theses accomplishments as
well as assisting Marilyn with the success of Walnut Way's champions Braveheart and Fancy Ribbons. It was
during the first year at Walnut Way Elizabeth realized how much she enjoyed teaching the junior exhibitors and
amateurs who rode at the barn. Helping them set goals and working hard to achieve them is just as rewarding
to her as a trip down victory lane.
Elizabeth Harris, Trainer
Suzanne Human,
Christy Villa,
Business Manager
Corey Vetter with Marilyn and She's Fancy Free
Margaret Schmitt with Marilyn and
Fleetwood's Pro
Marilyn Macfarlane with Bill Robinson and World Grand
Champion Harness Pony

Lauren Kelly and Heartland Flurry
WGCH Shining Brightly with Marilyn...1st Woman Roadster  Grand
Steve with WGCH Shining
Randi Wightman and Fancy Ribbons
Marilyn riding Music of the Heir
Lynn Wangerin on
Supreme Admiral Encore
Walnut Way Farm