Sean Macfarlane with his friend
Walnut Way Farm's first priority is the safety of the rider and horse. We believe there is a place for every rider to
fulfill their horse lover's dream! Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all of our students.
Walnut Way offers lessons for all ages in Saddleseat Instruction. Saddleseat
is an English style of riding. It creates a great foundation for all other styles
of riding.

Lessons are available: Monday-Thursday 3:00-7:30 pm
Saturday - limited appointments, advanced lessons only

  • Private* lesson - $40.00/30 minutes
  • Semi-private (2 riders) lesson - $35.00/30 minutes
  • Group lesson (3 or more riders) $35.00/45 minutes
  • Tiny Tots (4-6 yrs old) lesson - $25.00/20 minutes
  • Lesson with Marilyn Macfarlane - Walnut Way Farm Training Clients
    -$45.00                     Non-Clients $50.00
  • Driving lessons $40.00

*Private lessons are required for new students. After sufficient progress has
been attained, the student has the choice to move into a semi-private
The Walnut Way Wylde Wryders Youth Club
invites all young riders (and their horsey friends!) to join. The goal of the
club is to raise awareness of the American Saddlebred breed as well as
to give back to our community.
The club meets once every 6-8 weeks to discuss upcoming events and
fund raisers, play games and ride bareback!

It's fun and it's free!

Ride Into the New Year!!

Youth Club riders celebrate with horses and toast in the New Year every
year by feeding "sparkling apple juice" to their favorite horse! The party
starts at 6:00 p.m.with lots of riding and fun and games. After their
midnight toast together, it's into their sleeping bags for an all night
slumber party with the Instructors!
Enjoy our horses in small riding groups that optimize
personal attention.
Camps are available for both local and out-of town riders, at
all levels of ability. Housing is available.

Children's Summer & Holiday Camps include:     
  •  Riding 2 times/day
  •  Horsey Arts & Crafts
  •  Learning "horse sense" through educational games   
(painting the parts of the horse on a "live" horse!!)
  •  Barn scavenger hunts
  •  Games on horseback to improve your skills
  •  Swimming in the lake!
  •  Cookouts & bonfires by the lake!
  •  Developing "barn buddy" friendships for life!
  •  Fun, fun and more fun!
L e s s o n s  **
C a m p s
Y o u t h   C l u b
Campers enjoy riding the Friesians!
Peek A Boo shows off during the
2008 ASHA Youth Convention Barn
Tour at Walnut Way!
Max & Maxine perform with the
Little Saddlers for the Senior
Citizen Show!
You might get a little
wet in the water race!
Walnut Way Wylde Wryders receive
the 2007 Community Service Award!
Our horses love the costume class!
Happy New Year...Saint  
seems to be enjoying his
"sparkling apple cider" at
Madey Winspear rides
Happy Jack with the
help of Grace Hall
Do you know the skeletal system of the
horse? Join the Youth Club!
Thomas Macfarlane wants a little attention from Cory
Lindsay Anderson leads
Maddie Winspear on
Happy Jack for the
costume class!
Peter Pan dressed in his
Arabian Native Costume!
Birthday Parties...
Host your next birthday party celebration at Walnut Way Farm!

Click HERE for birthday party information!
Walnut Way Farm

Walnut Way Farm starts all of our riders out in Private "one-on-one" riding lessons. This gives our instructor time to get to know our rider's
skills and goals. Our Private lessons are thirty minutes. Our Instructor will develop your lesson plan depending on your experience.  We love to
introduce new riders to the joy of the horse. We also offer Semi-private and group lessons as our riders progress.  
We do require that all of our riders wear ASTM/SEI Certified protective headgear. We have a small supply of helmets that our new riders can
borrow for their first few lessons. As your rider continues lessons, we do ask that you purchase one for them that has been fitted correctly for
them. Your instructor can assist you in the direction of the local tack shops.  We have an indoor facility so we ride year round.  We have a
furnished, climate controlled lounge for your riding guests, parents and siblings during the riding lessons.  The lounge is a great place for
siblings to stay during the riding lessons to help minimize distractions for your rider during the lesson time.
We would like to welcome you to Walnut Way!

Walnut Way Farm requires a completed
Walnut Way Farm Liability Waiver Form on file for each rider. Please print and complete this form prior to
the first lesson. Thank you!

Lesson payments for riders are accepted in the form of cash or check
(payable to Walnut Way Farm). We do not have a credit/debit machine.
Girl Scouts Tours...
Bring your girl scout troop for a fun-filled and educational visit! There will be a barn
tour, mini-riding lesson, a question/answer session and time to take pictures of your
troop members on a horse or pony! This experience will be catered to qualifying for a
Horse Lover's Badge! Cost:  $30.00/child. Minimum of 10 children-maximum of 15 per
Only troop members will ride, no adult riding is included.

We will offer this tour on limited Fridays or Saturdays, for 1 1/2 hrs. You must book in
advance. All riders must have a parent signed release form (see below) to participate
in riding/grooming.  Riders will all wear helmets (provided by WWF), and must wear
pants and shoes that have hard soles (no slip-ons/sandals)