Lesson Program

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Walnut Way Farm’s first priority is the safety of the rider and horse. We believe there is a place for every rider to fulfill their horse lover’s dream! Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all of our students.


Walnut Way offers lessons for all ages in Saddleseat Instruction. Saddleseat is an English style of riding. It creates a great foundation for all other styles of riding.

Lessons are available:
Monday – Thursday: 3:00-7:30 pm
Saturday: 1-5 pm

Click HERE for a voucher on your first 2 riding lessons!!


  • Private* lesson – $40.00/30 minutes
  • Semi-private (2 riders) lesson – $35.00/30 minutes
  • Group lesson (3 or more riders) – $35.00/45 minutes
  • Tiny Tots (4-6 yrs old) lesson – $25.00/20 minutes
  • Lesson with Marilyn Macfarlane – $50.00
  • Driving lessons $40.00

*Private lessons are required for new students. After sufficient progress has been attained, the student has the choice to move into a semi-private lesson.

Lesson payments for riders are accepted in the form of cash or check (payable to Walnut Way Farm). We do not have a credit/debit machine.

Youth Club

The Walnut Way Wylde Wryders Youth Club invites all young riders (and their horsey friends!) to join. The goal of the club is to raise awareness of the American Saddlebred breed as well as to give back to our community. The club meets once every 6-8 weeks to discuss upcoming events and fundraisers, play games and ride bareback!

It’s fun and it’s free!

Birthday Parties

Host your next birthday party celebration at Walnut Way Farm! 

Click HERE for birthday party information!

More Information

Walnut Way Farm starts all of our riders out in Private “one-on-one” riding lessons. This gives our instructor time to get to know our rider’s skills and goals. Our Private lessons are thirty minutes. Our Instructor will develop your lesson plan depending on your experience.  We love to introduce new riders to the joy of the horse. We also offer Semi-private and group lessons as our riders progress.  We do require that all of our riders wear ASTM/SEI Certified protective headgear. We have a small supply of helmets that our new riders can borrow for their first few lessons. As your rider continues lessons, we do ask that you purchase one for them that has been fitted correctly for them. Your instructor can assist you in the direction of the local tack shops.  We have an indoor facility so we ride year round.  We have a furnished, climate controlled lounge for your riding guests, parents, and siblings during the riding lessons.  The lounge is a great place for siblings to stay during the riding lessons to help minimize distractions for your rider during the lesson time. We would like to welcome you to Walnut Way!

Walnut Way Farm requires a completed Walnut Way Farm Liability Waiver Form on file for each rider. Please print and complete this form prior to the first lesson. Thank you!

Walnut Way Farm Liability Waiver Form

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